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Los Angeles, CA 90001

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Handles & Locks

Automatic locks for horizontal close and lock with one simple click. Integral pull rail makes opening the window easy.

  • One-touch close and lock

  • Modern, streamlined design

  • Integral pull rail for easy sash operation

Integral Pull Rail

Window Rollers & Weep Holes

All metal window rollers provide durable and long lasting operation. Aluminum guides for the window roller ensure smooth and long-lasting operation. Weep hole design prevents debris obstruction to vent water efficiently.

  • All metal window rollers

  • Weep holes designed to prevent debris obstruction

All metal window roller 
Weep Hole

Standard Dualpane Glass

Dual pane glass comes standard in all series and features LoE3 glass, argon gas filled chambers, and Duralite® spacers for excellent thermal performance and energy efficiency

  • High quality Cardinal® glass

  • Argon gas filled chamber

  • Duralite spacer with Warm Edge technology

All of our vinyl windows are available in white and almond


Galaxy Tilt-in Single Hung Window 

Single hung windows open vertically without consuming much space. They are great options when exterior space is a concern hence you do not need to go outside to wash the window.

Single hung windows are ideal for walkways, porches, patios and popular in kitchens as well as restrooms. 

Galaxy Window Benefits

  • Beveled, multi-chambered extruded vinyl improves energy efficiency while providing an aesthetic look

  • Even sight lines for a balanced look

  • Autolock for easy locking and heavy duty hardware on casements & awnings

  • Tilt-in single and double hung models allow both sashes to tilt in for safe and easy cleaning from inside the home

  • Hung models feature a constant force counterweight balance system

  • Integral pull rail for easy operation of moving sash

  • Steel and aluminum reinforced sashes for structural integrity

  • 2-3/4" frame depth for structural integrity

  • Duralite spacer enhances thermal performance of glass components

  • 3/4" insulated glass unit featuring LoE3 glass

  • Argon gas filled chambers for low heat transfer through the glass chambers

  • Full weather stripping for enhanced thermal performance