Our Products Speak for Themselves

Our vinyl windows are sure to bring a modern look and feel into your property. By choosing vinyl you are insuring yourself a durable, long lasting window. Not only are vinyl windows elegantly designed, they also provide the industry's best energy efficiency. Vinyl is itself the best thermal break by minimizing heat transfer from the outside of the room to the inside. Our vinyl windows are highly resistant to scratching, marring, and cracking. By choosing our vinyl products we can guarantee you that they will not fade in color or dent throughout the lifetime of the windows. Our vinyl products are most popular for their ability to completely reduce outside noise, leaving you with a silent room no matter what the surroundings are.

With a more economical high quality window, J & A Windows Inc. does not compare!

Horizontal Sliding

Horizontal sliding windows open smoothly with the sash operating on either the left or right side.

Imperial Horizontal Sliding Window
Galaxy Horizontal Sliding Window

Single Hung

Single hung windows are smooth single vertical operable sashes.

Imperial Single Hung Window
Galaxy Tilt-In Single Hung Window


Picture windows are fixed with a non-operable sash.

Imperial Picture Window
Galaxy Picture Window

Choosing Between

Imperial Series        and             Galaxy Series

Autolock Handle

Window closes and locks with a single motion

All Metal Window Rollers

Metal window rollers are durable and operate smoothly

Argon-filled Glass Chambers

Argon gas reduces the amount of heat passage through the overall glass package

1" and 1-3/8" Nailing Fin Depth

Expanded selection of nail-on fin depths increase application compatibility

Even Sight Lines

Even sight lines for a balanced look

Tilt-in Single & Double Hung Models

Tilt models allow for operating sash to tilt in for safe and easy cleaning from inside

Argon-filled Glass Chambers

Argon gas reduces the amount of heat passage through the overall glass package

Duralite Spacers

High performant warm edge seal technology with no metal

All of our vinyl windows are available in white and almond

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